We are all the same.

I was struck with a love of cars at a young age. It didn’t matter the make or the model. I could point it out and name it. I lived every second for the automobile. Now, more than ever, I love the thrill of driving one. The sounds..the smells.. just ripping through every gear and blasting. It’s a passion that I know I share with many others. One that transcends ethnicities, religions, political parties; it doesn’t matter. The bond that can be created between a man and a machine is one of the purest in the universe. Everyone on this page shares the same passion I do. The car. And particularly, ones that go fast, and make a helluva lot of noise.

The vision of this page will be an extraordinary one. To create a global, interactive community, where car people can share videos, pictures, news, and anything else that comes to mind; anything that fuels this passion we all share.

I look forward to contributing to the greatness that is and will be 2AMR. Whether it is videos, breaking news, or interviews with other like-minded sports car owners. This started with a couple of guys, literally driving around at 2 a.m., having too much fun, but wanting more! Epic drives, chill cruises, and a love of the culture; and the hope is that it can be much, much more. Something as unique and as great as everyone that is a part of it. So from where I sit in Washington, and soon to be Texas, I say let us come together and enjoy this ride. As always, keep it fast, and keep it safe.


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  1. admin says:

    Indeed we are…once I figure out these widgets and plugins I think we’ll have something!

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