Uncharted Territory: DIY Tuning

Many great car builds are always completed by a pioneer that had an idea, a vision, the balls (and funds) to make their dream reality, ignoring all the internet cridics and keyboard professionals and did what they wanted for and to their car. I feel for me that my Z has become just that, though I am far from complete. I’ve managed to learn a whole lot on this 3 year rollarcoaster ride about this chassis, managed to do practically every install myself including maintenance, but now my mind wishes to tackle a very important part of the cars we love soo much. Tuning.

700 bucks for an Osiris Tune and my car felt like a new machine, with all of my Bolton’s working together as one, maintaining the best optimal afr throughout the powerband. Paid 700 for a man to hit a few keystrokes and tinkering with my Z’s brain, Something i could of done myself given i made the attempt to learn this complicated skill and save a few hundreds while i was at it.

NA tuning itself has way too many unseen variables. The ambient air temps, fluid dynamic, what pair of spongebob squarepants boxers you wear lol, and many other factors that all play a part in what kind of numbers you will make. This also makes it frustrating as a customer going to these Speed/Tuner Shops paying 300 for 5 pulls on the dyno and a reflash and yielding little to no gains. One may question the Skill of the tuner. One can also slap themselves thinking that they wasted money on a skill we could all learn and understand for themselves. Because in reality, the ultimate connection any driver would love to have is to know how their machine will behave and perform mashing through the gears at WOT!

This Christmas, I’m rewarding myself with the Cipher Cable and a cheat laptop for tuning only, as well as buying any reading material that will help broaden my understand of tuning. All i need is my humble willingness to learn, and luck so i dont destroy my precious motor lol. More updates as the holiday arrives. Stay tuned!

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Another Nissan enthusiast. All i can do is keep an open mind and to learn from my mistakes and understand this car as much as possible, not just though diving forums, but racing (feeling) the car as well.
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