The Chasing Mirage…

Long time no see…I’m with you though, in your mind on your psychological shoulder. Giving you the resonating “do it” in times of question. Though, as always I try to bring to you thought provoking and car chat that questions what you think you are as a “Driver”.

*Story Mode as all events are fictional*

While racing to work you ran into a “94ish “Mirage”….how can this be any exciting to anyone! Then along came a “11 Subaru on the merging shoulder…calmly placing your “13 Dodge into “sport” mode, you guys hit the scene. Heading west on H1 during 8’O clock evening traffic flow. The three of you swiftly cut traffic in a follow the leader style. Only until the lane changing started to raise up to the 80mph range were normal, the mirage seemed to fade off a little. The Subaru moving as if it didn’t noticed the bright red dodge pacing him, he continued to push! You continued to follow and surprisingly at this speed (80) the “mirage” keep the tails of the line.

Where’s the excitement/trivia?

Now heading North on H2…traffic starts to block up and slow. Lane changing is more frequent and smartly…direct! If you’re going…go! This attitude is engaged, and all three souls are moving as one. That feeling, towards the Schofield exit the lanes go from 2 to a merging 3 then back to 2 lanes! Moment of stupidity/truth/awe/faith/ whatcha call it? Moving into the merging lane to overpass slow traffic because the fast lane is slow…the Subaru and yourself easily demonstrated superior car performance, little driver skill.

This Mirage had to be in fourth and redlining the shit of out the 1.6 ? 1.8 motor in that 4dr car of his…

He made it!

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