Shutup and Drive

We all love our cars. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we all love to drive.

 Some people pamper their vehicles to the max but drive them timidly, like mega pansies. The capability is there, but the gonads are not.  I hate that.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed some sexy BMW Z4 or Mercedes XLR be driven like it had Ritz Crackers for wheels; hell even their slightly sportier siblings like the M3 and the SLR can have the potency of a snail when the drivers have no balls.  And then of course, my zen moment, some smoking hooptee piece of crap comes charging up from the rear and blasts past these fancy vehicles, leaving them in its crappy exhaust pipe dust.  The best part is when the crappy vehicle blasting past everyone is me.

My car history is fairly short: 2002 Nissan Frontier “Peaches,” 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4L “Skids,” 2004 Chevy Cavalier Coupe “The Cherrybomb,” 2006 Mazdaspeed6 “Apollo.”

Now the first three vehicles were not built for speed in any way whatsoever. Peaches and Skids were utility vehicles, so they were powerful when hauling heavy loads, but not speedsters. The Cherrybomb was some racer wannabe and Apollo is my current shining star and also the first vehicle I’ve had that was actually built for some kind of speed since its stock turbo charged.  The common link between all four vehicles is that I drove the hell out of all of them. In Peaches, I’d take a corner so damn fast that I’d fishtail out of it (it was a 2D, tiny cabin).  That junky hooptee speeding past everyone else on the highway, that was me and Skids.  In the Cherrybomb, every red light was the start of a MF’ing race…the 10 second race that I always won because I became quick as hell on the clutch…plus I always started it from second or third gear (awful for the transmission).  And Apollo, my main squeeze; the feeling of being in a turbo charged car is amazing.  Albeit a small turbo and the boost is no where that of an Evo or STi, the difference from the previous three vehicles is phenomenal and damn it feels good when it kicks in.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their own way of feeling out their car when they get a new one.  So yes, I can understand why some of us would be a little timid behind the wheel at first.  But after you feel your baby out, you need to feed a little speed to it!  With all my need for speed and that adrenaline rush you get from weaving in and out of traffic to that wide open space in front of the group (you know what I mean, I call it “leaving the flock”), Apollo has been my best friend for it.  Ultimately though, it wouldn’t matter what vehicle I’ve got, I’d still drive it all the same: life is a gigantic race track and I am determined to win!  It just so happens that Apollo is more suited for this kind of rush compared to its three predecessors.

And so I say to everyone: just shutup and drive.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve got; as long as you know your car like you know the back of your own hand, you’ll surprise yourself and you’ll have fun.  Yes, even you Prius, Yaris, and SmartCar owners might find a small thrill in kicking up the speed and driving the living hell out of your toy car. To all the fancy super and royal car owners, pave the way for the rest of us and show us how it’s done rather than drive like a bunch of pansies.  If not, then just take the damn bus.

Also, my favorite shift: going from third to fourth.


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