Sanctuary of Landmines

I don’t even know where to start with this, let alone where I’m going with this. Maybe I’ll lead with:

The one thing that brings me peace of mind, I can’t freely do at the moment: drive.

Gas prices are too high and I don’t want to recklessly drive anywhere and squander the money going into the gas tank until my new job starts paying out. I currently live in PA but Apollo is still registered in Hawaii so there would be a chance of getting pulled over since I haven’t met the state’s registration and safety requirements yet; last thing I need is a fucking ticket to up my insurance…my AWD sanctuary is littered with financial landmines.
Last night was the first time I drove Apollo in two weeks. We were going to someone’s house to watch the Patriots vs. Jets game and the house was about 20 minutes away or so. Cruising, even at the speed limit, at night felt so insanely good. It was around midnight so the roads were empty, the yellow street lights were on, and the only noise was the music thumping out of my Bose speakers and the sound of shifting gears. I didn’t realize how badly I missed it or how badly I needed it – just to cruise…with music…and at night. My gas went down all of an 1/8th of a tank which may not seem like much under normal circumstances, but that was a huge loss to me considering my situation. Ah hell, it was worth the feeling.

Where did my life go? We’ve all been in tight situations before and we’ve all managed to squeeze by and make it out alive. It seems like every shitty situation we find ourselves in feels like the end of the world in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I know everything will be fine, but in the meantime, as I’m working towards being okay again, things just take their toll. But my car, Apollo, has been with me every step of the way. From Hawaii to Arizona…In HI, I thought it was going to the the salty ocean air that screwed with my engine or perhaps the crappy excuse for asphalt roads. In AZ, I thought it was the intense dry heat to screw things up next; melt my tires, melt the engine, cause battery acid to explode everywhere. In the road trip from AZ to PA, everything went well and it was actually a relaxing drive…despite my paranoia of something going hellishly wrong with my car. A true driver and vehicle lover KNOWS their car….I mean KNOWS THE SHIT outta their car – perhaps it’s leaning too much to the right or left, or the engine doesn’t feel right, the rumble under your ass isn’t quite the same, it’s not shifting properly….I’m usually pretty spot on when it comes to feeling that out, but during my three day drive cross-country, my paranoia kicked into over drive and it seemed like EVERYTHING was going to fuck up in Apollo. I couldn’t explain how happy I was to be wrong about that.

In less than a year, my car has basically taken me half-way across the earth’s face. From one hemisphere to another. Hell, I even took a small trip to VA to visit my family and Apollo got to experience what it is to speed on I-95 and the Prince William County and Fairfax County Parkways. Yep, all with Hawaii plates and expired base stickers.
Now, Apollo sits in the driveway and is only driven out of necessity – I HATE that. I miss driving for fun so fuckin’ much. Other than saying that, I really don’t even know how to properly vent my frustrations about it. Probably because I know that it’s all my own fault; therefore I can only rely on myself to get outta this catastrophe. I’m looking forward to the coming days where I bust my ass working and actually get to see the fruits of my hard labor – in the form of money (no, I’m not hooking). Apollo will be registered, tuned up, and up to date and gas prices won’t be such a heavy weight on my mind anymore.
The place where I’m working – well quite a few people have Masaratis and Bentleys around there – I’m hoping to join that club. If I land myself one of those gems, I will name him Jupiter. Doesn’t mean Apollo is going away though – that’s gonna be my tuner car.

Here’s to looking forward and working towards calmer days in my life with less landmines – cheers.

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