Proving Them Wrong (A Z Made in Anger)

Proving people wrong is what gives me the most success now that I think about it, this world and all the naysayers may have changed my life, like a few of them. I’ll remember to use that as motivation, the proving people wrong thing, its really potent. Seeing the faces of those that doubted your potential. Refreshing.

That being said, alot has changed. My build plan and myself. After spending soo much money on my car and still loosing, I started to think of other ways to gain power. After being such a hardcore NA fanatic, I eventually went boost on my DE Non Revup motor. Vortech V3 Sci with 3.12 Pulley, shy of 400whp 330tq. I would of loved to stay NA but financially i wouldnt be able to afford it. Plus the power per dollar wouldnt add up at all to a boosted application. I have no complaints and Im happy I installed the kit. Im happy with the power delivery also. The benefit of a centrifical supercharger is the linear power it delivers, Feels like a high powered NA car and feels very predictable.

No body likes to loose or be last in place, especially all the time. There is only one way to go from feeling like you are on the bottom, and I refuse to be content with a life that doesnt show that i am continuing to evolve and become much more well rounded as a driver, a person and as a man thats passionate about his car, a car that has many doubters on the ability of the DE motor. By the end of the year i will be running Alky Injection and hope to pick up at lease 20 whp/tq safely due to the added octane of Denatured alcohal (129 Octane Rating).

Until then dont be afraid to downshift past me on the freeway, I will gladly be chasing and the outcome will be in my favor. If i loose, there is more work to be done, And really, when are we ever done improving ourselves in life?


About AllenVQ35

Another Nissan enthusiast. All i can do is keep an open mind and to learn from my mistakes and understand this car as much as possible, not just though diving forums, but racing (feeling) the car as well.
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