Happy Medium, is there such a thing?

Local thursday night meet at Zippy’s Pearl City

I’m a family man now…so I’ve been out of the enthusiast lifestyle for quite some time. I attended this meet because I needed to scratch my car itch. While I didn’t have a VQ to show off or a new part to talk about. I did have a brand new 2013 Dodge Charger RT/RT to pull up in…No one noticed…HA! Shook hands and give bromance hugs to friends who’ve became family over the time…

Things don’t change however we think it does…*sniffs air*

Walking around checking out the Z/G community here in Oahu, HI. Feels good to know that we are on par and even raising the level with the stateside clubs/enthusiasts. The club has grown and the “one upping” is fierce…stance..static…bags…authentic…replica the terms even more present now. Out of the thirty something cars there…the 3 cars above stood out…

The whole time in the back of my mind “wait till they see my shit” was on loop.

So got me thinking is there a happy medium?

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