Going Nowhere….Fast

I’m dying without my car.  I have recently separated from the military and moved to AZ from HI.  Therefore Apollo, my beloved vehicle, is in shipment and won’t be here until December 3rd-ish.  In the meantime, I’m pulling my damn hair out.  The speed limits here are back to speedily normal, there are no potholes and I also live near the desert and the canyon which means endless driving on swerving roads without a soul in sight. The problem: no car!!

It’s one of the biggest teases. Not only do I want to hit the road and drive fast on smoothly paved roads, I also want to explore my new living area. Borrowing your housemates’ automatic Jeep Cherokee Laredo can only do so much. It’s not my car therefore I don’t feel right going for a joy ride in it. Plus, it’ just not my car, ya know? It’s not the f’ing same. How do people get through this?!

I’ve fantasized about when I’ll be making a decent enough income again to start putting after market parts on Apollo and go flying down the road. I’ve been trying to do other things to take my mind off of it but to no avail. I miss going to a free gym too, but that’s a post for somewhere else. This shit is killing me softly. The road is beckoning me and I can’t answer its call unless I want to use my own two feet and walk/run…who the hell wants to do that?!

Being in this situation makes me realize that vehicle = freedom. It also makes me realize how much I really do love to drive. To hell with the stereotype that Asian women are horrible drivers. That only really applies when there are three other variables added to the equation: SUV, cell phone in ear, drink in hand…that’s when pretty much EVERYONE is a crappy driver though. Hell no, I love to drive and I’m damn good at it. Any seasoned driver who enjoys it knows what I’m talking about: when you’re behind the wheel and you’re observing other drivers, you obtain almost SpiderMan-like pre-cognitive abilities when it comes to other drivers. It’s like you can almost predict what stupid maneuver they’re going to pull off next so you smartly adjust yourself to that. You know the unwritten rules of the road; the code amongst car and driving enthusiasts. You know the rules and standards of driving long distances in convoys, even if you don’t know the other people in the other vehicles; you just know you’re travelling together and that’s all you really need to know.

I miss my car, I miss driving…this is almost hurting my feeling. It’s an emotional investment every time I put the clutch down and shift gears; without that, I feel so damn void. December couldn’t get here any faster.

Bonus: old pic from one of the NEX Pearl Harbor meets

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  1. mookiefiasco says:

    OMG I feel the same way. I was reading this and was like damn…whoever this is is real passionate. Then I saw it was a chick and asian talkin bout switching gears and I effing fell in love. I was just telling my brother a chick that can drive is a huge turn on 😉 I would totally challenge you to an open road twisty duel hahaha.

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