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Hello, New to the 2AMR page and just introducing myself to the group. My name is Andre and I own my beloved 2003 Nissan 350z Touring Model. I bought it used in 2010 from an old man in Austin, Texas for 10 grand with just over 20K miles on the odometer. My first sports car and fresh into the Military life. I learned to drive manual in this car all by myself, and all i ever cared about is this car, I stopped with the club scene and videogames and devoted my life to it. I wanted to do soo much to it with everything i earned. I really had no focus or goal for the car at the time but all i cared about was slamming this car to the ground and buying my favorite set of wheels, which i did. My first purchase was a set of Volk TE37SLs With Advan Neova Tires all around. Then in two months aftr that I bought Stance GR+ Coilovers and a Seibon Carbon hood. I was already deep into this car just having it for a few months but i felt soo proud and amazed with what i cound make this car look like. I dont have a name for her yet but hopefully i can capture a name that represents who she is not just about how she looks.

Moving to hawaii, I have meet a great group of people that were extremely knowlegable on this chassis. These people were often bumbarded with the stupid questions i would ask them about the motor and camber and offsets but i was hungry for knowledge. I didnt want to just sit there hard parked at a parking lot just talking however… I wanted more than that with my Z, I wanted to race and go fast.

Soo here I am 3 years later after 3 accidents, my car has become more into the vision I want for myself and how i am as a person, Full boltons with Long Tube Headers and single exhaust, V3 Nismo body Kit without the wing and gutted interior. Next on the list is 4.08 gears, Quaife LSD and SPL Rear Differential Solid Bushings that will be installed by the end of this month. All i can say is that my wife loves me alot to let me spend over 15k in parts on this car. Once again I thank Rod and everyone else here in my life that helped to influence me to be the enthusiast i am today. Alot of trial and error, but it was expected. I am better and more informed that i was yesturday. I love the Z and I love this motor, even though it is the VQ35DE, the torque is what i love and crave more of out of it. Hope to see u guys soon on the road. Thanks for reading.

About AllenVQ35

Another Nissan enthusiast. All i can do is keep an open mind and to learn from my mistakes and understand this car as much as possible, not just though diving forums, but racing (feeling) the car as well.
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