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Another Nissan enthusiast. All i can do is keep an open mind and to learn from my mistakes and understand this car as much as possible, not just though diving forums, but racing (feeling) the car as well.

Proving Them Wrong (A Z Made in Anger)

Proving people wrong is what gives me the most success now that I think about it, this world and all the naysayers may have changed my life, like a few of them. I’ll remember to use that as motivation, the … Continue reading

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Uncharted Territory: DIY Tuning

Many great car builds are always completed by a pioneer that had an idea, a vision, the balls (and funds) to make their dream reality, ignoring all the internet cridics and keyboard professionals and did what they wanted for and … Continue reading

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Big Intro

Hello, New to the 2AMR page and just introducing myself to the group. My name is Andre and I own my beloved 2003 Nissan 350z Touring Model. I bought it used in 2010 from an old man in Austin, Texas … Continue reading

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