Authentic or Replica ?

ARC 240sx radiator cap

Does it bother you? Does it phase you that your friends might laugh at you? Does it even mean anything to quality of the item? These have been the dead horse questions of this topic from the beginning of time. I always laugh at this discussion and was never a part of it because I never ran into a fake item/part. Well there’s a first time for everything.
Just over this past weekend I was scrolling over facebook…rapidly as I always do. Until I seen a group of letters bunched together in this order “ARC”. No someone didn’t jack up the alphabet. “ARC International, based in Japan, manufacturers some of the highest quality intercoolers, radiators, exhaust system, oil coolers and exhaust systems available anywhere in the world”. In short the Michael Jordans of the JDM market…it was a radaitor cap that was for sale. I didn’t need it, but of late been looking for small authentic items from “ARC”. This seemed to be my chance to grab my second part, my first being a strut bar I stole for $600 MSRP $1396.50. Contacted my friend, and in a couple days we made a transaction for the part.
Felt good to take pictures of this insignificance part, and share it on facebook like I’m some kind of baller. The “likes” started to roll, and so did the comments about the part. One in particular comment claimed that part to be fake, my butt hole pucker and my heart sank. Part in question is still being validted for it authenticity!


My position on this is simple….buy the best the first time so that you aren’t replacing parts later…


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2 Responses to Authentic or Replica ?

  1. Bryant Meadors says:

    The sad fact is that the “replica” industry is booming. This starts at the smallest of parts and goes all the way up to entire vehicles, and to be honest, I’m just not into it. There are a few exceptions, such as well-done aluminum bodied replicas of extremely rare and multi-million dollar cars, like Ferrari 250 GTOs and so on, but when you start talking components, I agree, buy the best, and you’ll never regret it.

  2. venusatlas says:

    lmao at the “butt hole pucker” part

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