2013, a year for racing?

I’ve been busy, I can’t lie; A lot has happened in the last few months since I was last able to write on here, and I’ve regretfully neglected my hope to bring car news and videos to everyone, but alas, I have returned. As most automotive enthusiasts, my mind is in a constant state of overdrive with car ideas, and inspirations. I now reside in Texas, and in the midst of what appears to be a raging horsepower war. My Z06, although back in Washington at this time, would cower in defeat at some of the Z06’s I have seen (and, typically, heard way before then) in this region of the country.

 While it has been an inspiration to make my car as fast and loud as possible, being in Texas has brought me to another realization. I want to race! Not on a street, but on a sanctioned track; with a cage, a helmet, and no carpet; the whole nine. This desire has taken hold of me more than anything else of late. Has anyone else felt this?

 I’ve been reading a book, which from what I’ve come to understand is a must read for any aspiring racer or automotive enthusiast. It’s titled “The Unfair Advantage” by the late Mark Donohue, a racing legend. In it, he describes his rise to glory from humble beginnings, and with great detail, the engineering put into each vehicle that carried him up the ranks. I recommend it at this point, but what it’s done for me most of all is bring me to the conclusion that motorsport is what this whole thing is about.

 Every performance mod you make, you make it in hopes of being faster than the next guy, and the only way to prove that, is to race. That’s the very spirit of motorsports. It’s been said that the first race happened the day the second automobile was made, and something tells me that’s not far from truth.

 To be in a location that allows track days has been a dream of mine for years. To test my skills in the heat of competition, even if from an amateur level, would be like nothing I’ve experience I’m sure. It doesn’t matter if you have a Miata or an Enzo…it’s the spirit of competition that drives us. And to my Hawaii brethren, hang in there, the dream of another track will one day be realized. See you out there..

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  1. admin says:

    I blame the thick layer of social media there is to shift through to stay current. While we stay on the trending beat I know I’ve forgotten this beaten path this page is suppose to be…sigh

    I’ll soon be a half day drive away…start turning wrenches

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