Proving Them Wrong (A Z Made in Anger)

Proving people wrong is what gives me the most success now that I think about it, this world and all the naysayers may have changed my life, like a few of them. I’ll remember to use that as motivation, the proving people wrong thing, its really potent. Seeing the faces of those that doubted your potential. Refreshing.

That being said, alot has changed. My build plan and myself. After spending soo much money on my car and still loosing, I started to think of other ways to gain power. After being such a hardcore NA fanatic, I eventually went boost on my DE Non Revup motor. Vortech V3 Sci with 3.12 Pulley, shy of 400whp 330tq. I would of loved to stay NA but financially i wouldnt be able to afford it. Plus the power per dollar wouldnt add up at all to a boosted application. I have no complaints and Im happy I installed the kit. Im happy with the power delivery also. The benefit of a centrifical supercharger is the linear power it delivers, Feels like a high powered NA car and feels very predictable.

No body likes to loose or be last in place, especially all the time. There is only one way to go from feeling like you are on the bottom, and I refuse to be content with a life that doesnt show that i am continuing to evolve and become much more well rounded as a driver, a person and as a man thats passionate about his car, a car that has many doubters on the ability of the DE motor. By the end of the year i will be running Alky Injection and hope to pick up at lease 20 whp/tq safely due to the added octane of Denatured alcohal (129 Octane Rating).

Until then dont be afraid to downshift past me on the freeway, I will gladly be chasing and the outcome will be in my favor. If i loose, there is more work to be done, And really, when are we ever done improving ourselves in life?


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Dust to Dust !

With the slow of formal forums … I’ve been emerged into the depths of social media ! The ability to interact with 30k plus individuals you share interest with is intoxciating! Overwhelming at times and it does quench my thirst for automotive interaction! 

No not one bit, it continues as I do not have a running sports car in my life…Lin’da is to be sold to a hopeful buyer who has the time and money! I have seen this happen a million times and with all my worldly wisdom…I too have fell victim to the order of life ! Wife , kids , work , and lack of money have gotten to me. 

What do I do ?

lol I look for the replacement to fill the void that is my automotive heart, that’s what!

There is no Dust to Dust , don’t die !

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The Chasing Mirage…

Long time no see…I’m with you though, in your mind on your psychological shoulder. Giving you the resonating “do it” in times of question. Though, as always I try to bring to you thought provoking and car chat that questions what you think you are as a “Driver”.

*Story Mode as all events are fictional*

While racing to work you ran into a “94ish “Mirage”….how can this be any exciting to anyone! Then along came a “11 Subaru on the merging shoulder…calmly placing your “13 Dodge into “sport” mode, you guys hit the scene. Heading west on H1 during 8’O clock evening traffic flow. The three of you swiftly cut traffic in a follow the leader style. Only until the lane changing started to raise up to the 80mph range were normal, the mirage seemed to fade off a little. The Subaru moving as if it didn’t noticed the bright red dodge pacing him, he continued to push! You continued to follow and surprisingly at this speed (80) the “mirage” keep the tails of the line.

Where’s the excitement/trivia?

Now heading North on H2…traffic starts to block up and slow. Lane changing is more frequent and smartly…direct! If you’re going…go! This attitude is engaged, and all three souls are moving as one. That feeling, towards the Schofield exit the lanes go from 2 to a merging 3 then back to 2 lanes! Moment of stupidity/truth/awe/faith/ whatcha call it? Moving into the merging lane to overpass slow traffic because the fast lane is slow…the Subaru and yourself easily demonstrated superior car performance, little driver skill.

This Mirage had to be in fourth and redlining the shit of out the 1.6 ? 1.8 motor in that 4dr car of his…

He made it!

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Gone but not forgotten


….I sit here at work watching folks argue over motor swaps, supercharger versus turbo setups, and everything under the sun. I always hear a certain voice scream “racecar” or “you know you wanna boost it”. I smile knowing that voice is right….smile knowing that you can never go fast enough, never go big enough, and lastly you can’t cure the “mod bug”. The urge to do more, it’s sad to this day to actually know someone taken too soon. What does it mean, why…why now….why not Justin Bieber, not to be cliche but passion shouldn’t die. Not that it has but the person embodying it is always something special. I live this everyday…do more, if it’s not progress you’re wasting time…precious time!

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How fast are you willing to go…?…are you sure now ?

Serious question…I’ve seen people buy big cars, aftermarket parts and everything in between. They haven’t really pushed it to the limit! The scene is watered down to the point people are buying stuff for the fun of it. like a mini game or spin off of what sport cars and performance parts were really used for besides getting from A to B…

*Story Mode as all events are fictional*

After 12 hour shifts of work your in a building with no windows and cool as a fridge…many tend to scatter to their vehicles and hit the limiter out the gate! Don’t blame them one bit…wait a second your daily is a Mazda 3. Don’t shed no tears for yourself…time away makes the heart grow fonder for the Z. Isn’t that the saying? What makes it not a total drag it’s a 5spd. Thank you Jesus!

Anywho…as you throw your lunch bag on the passenger seat and strap yourself into modern seat 5 passengers spacious hatch of awesome. You turn it on and begin my commute home. As your leaving the gate from your base here in Hawaii is a long straight. You notice in the rear view that a car is gaining and quickly catches your 2 liter whopping 150ish automobile.

What do you do…

Nothing you keep your speed. In Hawaii the roads are rolling and always changing direction and elevation. Knowing that you gradually increase your speed…35 <---don't ask 36 39 43 47 51 taillights still on my ass as we approach the twisties as some put it. The taillights start to dime after the first corner, second, third corner comes and goes and it's back to me alone on the road. That short section is before I have to pass through a town again. At the speed limit you noticed that those headlights belong to a newer Civic SI....not surprised. Even more so when you see it's lowered and has a drone to it...a little traffic and picking the right lane through traffic I'm cruising in front of this civic heading towards an on ramp. What doyou do... If you know yourself you guessed punch it, now that sounds awesome and all but in a Mazda it's as exciting as vacuuming your carpet at home. Approaching the on ramp you pick your line and follow through with gradual pedal and steering input. Smooth the speed limit again you get a ricer flyby from the civic and a horrible bugeye Subaru... You shake your head as you ponder on what went wrong...

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Uncharted Territory: DIY Tuning

Many great car builds are always completed by a pioneer that had an idea, a vision, the balls (and funds) to make their dream reality, ignoring all the internet cridics and keyboard professionals and did what they wanted for and to their car. I feel for me that my Z has become just that, though I am far from complete. I’ve managed to learn a whole lot on this 3 year rollarcoaster ride about this chassis, managed to do practically every install myself including maintenance, but now my mind wishes to tackle a very important part of the cars we love soo much. Tuning.

700 bucks for an Osiris Tune and my car felt like a new machine, with all of my Bolton’s working together as one, maintaining the best optimal afr throughout the powerband. Paid 700 for a man to hit a few keystrokes and tinkering with my Z’s brain, Something i could of done myself given i made the attempt to learn this complicated skill and save a few hundreds while i was at it.

NA tuning itself has way too many unseen variables. The ambient air temps, fluid dynamic, what pair of spongebob squarepants boxers you wear lol, and many other factors that all play a part in what kind of numbers you will make. This also makes it frustrating as a customer going to these Speed/Tuner Shops paying 300 for 5 pulls on the dyno and a reflash and yielding little to no gains. One may question the Skill of the tuner. One can also slap themselves thinking that they wasted money on a skill we could all learn and understand for themselves. Because in reality, the ultimate connection any driver would love to have is to know how their machine will behave and perform mashing through the gears at WOT!

This Christmas, I’m rewarding myself with the Cipher Cable and a cheat laptop for tuning only, as well as buying any reading material that will help broaden my understand of tuning. All i need is my humble willingness to learn, and luck so i dont destroy my precious motor lol. More updates as the holiday arrives. Stay tuned!

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The quest for the gold?!


Many of us now adays like to “dress” up our cars with the best of the best… finding the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” “catching all the pokemon” lol ARC pieces are a dime a dozen now the the company went bankrupt a few years back.. Now we are spending more than the original price for the rare piece! People always ask me why on earth do I spend the amount that have on them??? It’s because I’m addicted lol! If anyone is looking for parts let me know ill help out as much as I can (like rod I haven’t forgotten lol) thanks for reading and comment away!! Don’t be afraid!

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VQ addicts


Hi guys I’m David and I am a VQ addict! Well not as much as Rod is but almost…. Anyways owned my g35 sedan 6mt for 3 1/2 years just started to mod last year and I guess I’m doing well??  been out of the scene for a few  months now due to sending parts out and waiting on wheels  etc etc.  hope to meet some of y’all in the future and if any questions ask  no stupid  questions can be asked….. Well it could happen lol  I attached a couple pics of the ride hope y’all approve well I don’t care lol .. image

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Big Intro

Hello, New to the 2AMR page and just introducing myself to the group. My name is Andre and I own my beloved 2003 Nissan 350z Touring Model. I bought it used in 2010 from an old man in Austin, Texas for 10 grand with just over 20K miles on the odometer. My first sports car and fresh into the Military life. I learned to drive manual in this car all by myself, and all i ever cared about is this car, I stopped with the club scene and videogames and devoted my life to it. I wanted to do soo much to it with everything i earned. I really had no focus or goal for the car at the time but all i cared about was slamming this car to the ground and buying my favorite set of wheels, which i did. My first purchase was a set of Volk TE37SLs With Advan Neova Tires all around. Then in two months aftr that I bought Stance GR+ Coilovers and a Seibon Carbon hood. I was already deep into this car just having it for a few months but i felt soo proud and amazed with what i cound make this car look like. I dont have a name for her yet but hopefully i can capture a name that represents who she is not just about how she looks.

Moving to hawaii, I have meet a great group of people that were extremely knowlegable on this chassis. These people were often bumbarded with the stupid questions i would ask them about the motor and camber and offsets but i was hungry for knowledge. I didnt want to just sit there hard parked at a parking lot just talking however… I wanted more than that with my Z, I wanted to race and go fast.

Soo here I am 3 years later after 3 accidents, my car has become more into the vision I want for myself and how i am as a person, Full boltons with Long Tube Headers and single exhaust, V3 Nismo body Kit without the wing and gutted interior. Next on the list is 4.08 gears, Quaife LSD and SPL Rear Differential Solid Bushings that will be installed by the end of this month. All i can say is that my wife loves me alot to let me spend over 15k in parts on this car. Once again I thank Rod and everyone else here in my life that helped to influence me to be the enthusiast i am today. Alot of trial and error, but it was expected. I am better and more informed that i was yesturday. I love the Z and I love this motor, even though it is the VQ35DE, the torque is what i love and crave more of out of it. Hope to see u guys soon on the road. Thanks for reading.

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Sanctuary of Landmines

I don’t even know where to start with this, let alone where I’m going with this. Maybe I’ll lead with:

The one thing that brings me peace of mind, I can’t freely do at the moment: drive.

Gas prices are too high and I don’t want to recklessly drive anywhere and squander the money going into the gas tank until my new job starts paying out. I currently live in PA but Apollo is still registered in Hawaii so there would be a chance of getting pulled over since I haven’t met the state’s registration and safety requirements yet; last thing I need is a fucking ticket to up my insurance…my AWD sanctuary is littered with financial landmines.
Last night was the first time I drove Apollo in two weeks. We were going to someone’s house to watch the Patriots vs. Jets game and the house was about 20 minutes away or so. Cruising, even at the speed limit, at night felt so insanely good. It was around midnight so the roads were empty, the yellow street lights were on, and the only noise was the music thumping out of my Bose speakers and the sound of shifting gears. I didn’t realize how badly I missed it or how badly I needed it – just to cruise…with music…and at night. My gas went down all of an 1/8th of a tank which may not seem like much under normal circumstances, but that was a huge loss to me considering my situation. Ah hell, it was worth the feeling.

Where did my life go? We’ve all been in tight situations before and we’ve all managed to squeeze by and make it out alive. It seems like every shitty situation we find ourselves in feels like the end of the world in some way. Don’t get me wrong, I know everything will be fine, but in the meantime, as I’m working towards being okay again, things just take their toll. But my car, Apollo, has been with me every step of the way. From Hawaii to Arizona…In HI, I thought it was going to the the salty ocean air that screwed with my engine or perhaps the crappy excuse for asphalt roads. In AZ, I thought it was the intense dry heat to screw things up next; melt my tires, melt the engine, cause battery acid to explode everywhere. In the road trip from AZ to PA, everything went well and it was actually a relaxing drive…despite my paranoia of something going hellishly wrong with my car. A true driver and vehicle lover KNOWS their car….I mean KNOWS THE SHIT outta their car – perhaps it’s leaning too much to the right or left, or the engine doesn’t feel right, the rumble under your ass isn’t quite the same, it’s not shifting properly….I’m usually pretty spot on when it comes to feeling that out, but during my three day drive cross-country, my paranoia kicked into over drive and it seemed like EVERYTHING was going to fuck up in Apollo. I couldn’t explain how happy I was to be wrong about that.

In less than a year, my car has basically taken me half-way across the earth’s face. From one hemisphere to another. Hell, I even took a small trip to VA to visit my family and Apollo got to experience what it is to speed on I-95 and the Prince William County and Fairfax County Parkways. Yep, all with Hawaii plates and expired base stickers.
Now, Apollo sits in the driveway and is only driven out of necessity – I HATE that. I miss driving for fun so fuckin’ much. Other than saying that, I really don’t even know how to properly vent my frustrations about it. Probably because I know that it’s all my own fault; therefore I can only rely on myself to get outta this catastrophe. I’m looking forward to the coming days where I bust my ass working and actually get to see the fruits of my hard labor – in the form of money (no, I’m not hooking). Apollo will be registered, tuned up, and up to date and gas prices won’t be such a heavy weight on my mind anymore.
The place where I’m working – well quite a few people have Masaratis and Bentleys around there – I’m hoping to join that club. If I land myself one of those gems, I will name him Jupiter. Doesn’t mean Apollo is going away though – that’s gonna be my tuner car.

Here’s to looking forward and working towards calmer days in my life with less landmines – cheers.

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2013, a year for racing?

I’ve been busy, I can’t lie; A lot has happened in the last few months since I was last able to write on here, and I’ve regretfully neglected my hope to bring car news and videos to everyone, but alas, I have returned.  Continue reading

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I’m dying without my car.  I have recently separated from the military and moved to AZ from HI.  Therefore Apollo, my beloved vehicle, is in shipment and won’t be here until December 3rd-ish.  In the meantime, I’m pulling my damn hair out.  The speed limits here are back to speedily normal, there are no potholes and I also live near the desert and the canyon which means endless driving on swerving roads without a soul in sight. The problem: no car!!

It’s one of the biggest teases. Not only do I want to hit the road and drive fast on smoothly paved roads, I also want to explore my new living area. Borrowing your housemates’ automatic Jeep Cherokee Laredo can only do so much. It’s not my car therefore I don’t feel right going for a joy ride in it. Plus, it’ just not my car, ya know? It’s not the f’ing same. How do people get through this?!

I’ve fantasized about when I’ll be making a decent enough income again to start putting after market parts on Apollo and go flying down the road. I’ve been trying to do other things to take my mind off of it but to no avail. I miss going to a free gym too, but that’s a post for somewhere else. This shit is killing me softly. The road is beckoning me and I can’t answer its call unless I want to use my own two feet and walk/run…who the hell wants to do that?!

Being in this situation makes me realize that vehicle = freedom. It also makes me realize how much I really do love to drive. To hell with the stereotype that Asian women are horrible drivers. That only really applies when there are three other variables added to the equation: SUV, cell phone in ear, drink in hand…that’s when pretty much EVERYONE is a crappy driver though. Hell no, I love to drive and I’m damn good at it. Any seasoned driver who enjoys it knows what I’m talking about: when you’re behind the wheel and you’re observing other drivers, you obtain almost SpiderMan-like pre-cognitive abilities when it comes to other drivers. It’s like you can almost predict what stupid maneuver they’re going to pull off next so you smartly adjust yourself to that. You know the unwritten rules of the road; the code amongst car and driving enthusiasts. You know the rules and standards of driving long distances in convoys, even if you don’t know the other people in the other vehicles; you just know you’re travelling together and that’s all you really need to know.

I miss my car, I miss driving…this is almost hurting my feeling. It’s an emotional investment every time I put the clutch down and shift gears; without that, I feel so damn void. December couldn’t get here any faster.

Bonus: old pic from one of the NEX Pearl Harbor meets

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Authentic or Replica ?

ARC 240sx radiator cap

Does it bother you? Does it phase you that your friends might laugh at you? Does it even mean anything to quality of the item? These have been the dead horse questions of this topic from the beginning of time. I always laugh at this discussion and was never a part of it because I never ran into a fake item/part. Well there’s a first time for everything.
Just over this past weekend I was scrolling over facebook…rapidly as I always do. Until I seen a group of letters bunched together in this order “ARC”. No someone didn’t jack up the alphabet. “ARC International, based in Japan, manufacturers some of the highest quality intercoolers, radiators, exhaust system, oil coolers and exhaust systems available anywhere in the world”. In short the Michael Jordans of the JDM market…it was a radaitor cap that was for sale. I didn’t need it, but of late been looking for small authentic items from “ARC”. This seemed to be my chance to grab my second part, my first being a strut bar I stole for $600 MSRP $1396.50. Contacted my friend, and in a couple days we made a transaction for the part.
Felt good to take pictures of this insignificance part, and share it on facebook like I’m some kind of baller. The “likes” started to roll, and so did the comments about the part. One in particular comment claimed that part to be fake, my butt hole pucker and my heart sank. Part in question is still being validted for it authenticity!


My position on this is simple….buy the best the first time so that you aren’t replacing parts later…


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Urban Outlaw: Short film about Porsche 911 enthusiast, Magnus Walker, debuts.

Continue reading

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Happy Medium, is there such a thing?

Local thursday night meet at Zippy’s Pearl City

I’m a family man now…so I’ve been out of the enthusiast lifestyle for quite some time. I attended this meet because I needed to scratch my car itch. While I didn’t have a VQ to show off or a new part to talk about. I did have a brand new 2013 Dodge Charger RT/RT to pull up in…No one noticed…HA! Shook hands and give bromance hugs to friends who’ve became family over the time…

Things don’t change however we think it does…*sniffs air*

Walking around checking out the Z/G community here in Oahu, HI. Feels good to know that we are on par and even raising the level with the stateside clubs/enthusiasts. The club has grown and the “one upping” is fierce…stance..static…bags…authentic…replica the terms even more present now. Out of the thirty something cars there…the 3 cars above stood out…

The whole time in the back of my mind “wait till they see my shit” was on loop.

So got me thinking is there a happy medium?

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Shutup and Drive

We all love our cars. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we all love to drive.

Continue reading

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We are all the same.

I was struck with a love of cars at a young age. Continue reading

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Hello Human!

Welcome to WordPress’s cool side!

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